Enjoy your exercise

Beginner friendly courses

The most engaging way to get a full body workout, build some strength & relieve some stress!

A warm, safe environment

It’s not a scene. It’s a place for people who come to work hard, sweat, and get results.

Progress & goals

At Boxfit we make a personal connection with each of our clients. We support and guide you throughout your training program because we genuinely care.


Life Coaching Course (UCT)

Precision Nutrition Certified nutrition coach.

Rina started Boxfit in her lounge with 2 clients. Since then the gym has grown organically and today is a well known brand in the industry. Rina initially licensed as an amateur boxer and over the last 10 years has successfully trained and managed clients, professional and amateur boxers.

Boxfit has also become a safe and inspiring place where women come to feel empowered, build their confidence and find their strong.

For Rina boxing is a passion which she loves to share with others.


PRO MMA fighter with over thirteen years experience.

He holds 16 gold medals in wrestling and boxing and has achieved SA colors for wrestling.

Simon is beloved by all his clients. He build a warm, supportive and nurturing environment while helping his clients achieve their specific goals.

Many of his teenage clients look to him as a role model, and he has positively influenced many young lives.

Simons dance moves are also legendary!

Get results

We are serious about our training methodology, programming and getting results. We will monitor your progress to make sure you see the changes you want.

Group sessions

A max of 12 -14 people per session.

A fun, high energy, full body workout.

All ages and fitness levels welcome. We will adjust or modify the exercises to suit your needs.

Loads of fun, loads of sweat.

A great general workout incorporating cardio, strength and some boxing skill!

Free trial session available on request.

Starting at: R1500 pm

Semi private sessions

Not more than 4 people in a session.

These sessions are specifically designed by your coach to help you reach your individual goals.

We will monitor your progress and make sure you get the results you want.

You’ll be grouped with people who have similar goals and are of similar strength and fitness to you.

This is a bespoke approach to getting you the results you want.

Starting at: R1800 pm

12 week bespoke program

Do you hate waking up feeling the way you feel? Do you not like what you see when you look in the mirror? Are you going through the motions but not really engaging with your life?

If you are looking for a fundamental change in your approach to health and wellness then this program is for you. A holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and mindset.

A habit-based sustainable program that covers exercise, food, sleep and stress management. Outstanding results.

Starting at: R12500


You can start at any fitness level. We can offer you personalised sessions to get you up to speed.

Boxing doesn’t make you grow big muscles. Cupcakes make you big, not boxing.

You can choose if you want to do contact or non-contact.

You will learn some basic self defense. It’s more about being physically and mentally strong, but if self defense is your goal, we can tailor a program to your needs.